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This career makes dollars and sense.

You’re all about numbers and organization. You’re a special breed, indeed.

Be the glue (or tape) that
holds the office together.

Every business needs a professional to administer payroll, balance the books, and manage the office. Whether a veterinarian’s office, a corporate office or an architectural firm, an education in accounting can allow you to work in an essential position for a business's (and your) success. So get ready to push your glasses up, roll up your sleeves, and get the books and office balanced.

You’ll receive hands-on instruction in everything you need to succeed in a career in accounting. Skills you’ll gain include word processing, presentation graphics, accounting and business ethics, principles of accounting, computerized accounting, principles of management, small business operations and payroll accounting. Top these off with your ability to be professional and organized and you could be seeing all black and no red.


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