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When it counts, medical equipment can’t fail. No sweat. You got this.

A booming medical industry presents
healthy opportunities for success.

You’ve no doubt noticed the correlation between advances in technology and advances in medicine. The increasing use of electronic medical devices and other sophisticated biomedical equipment has created a great demand for skilled and industry-qualified equipment technicians. Calibrating, troubleshooting, testing, and repairing equipment used to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases and illnesses are responsibilities expected of Biomedical Equipment Technicians, and you'll learn it all at TSTC.

At TSTC, you can choose an associate degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology or go for a Medical Imaging Systems degree. In both programs, you’ll learn on state-of-the art medical equipment actually used in hospitals, clinics and many other businesses. A high percentage of graduates immediately find employment within the career field, where job stability can be a big plus. Case in point: 52 percent of survey respondents in the trade magazine 24x7 report working for their current employer for 16 or more years - an impressive figure when the average person stays in a technical job for 13 months.

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